Friday, August 7, 2009

Fish Heads

Here's a portrait of the tasty trout we made this week. We caught fish during our vacation, but were in catch-and-release mode. I think there were only two that approached pan-size anyway. The trout you see here are from the fish market down the street. Aren't they lovely?

I had never cooked fish with heads still attached before, so that was a fun experience. Very easy, although they came off when I flipped the fish. Apparently they need to be fairly supported.

I wasn't sure how the kids would react, but we decided to dive in and present it as a cool, fun thing. Fortunately, it went over well. Our 3-year-old was thrilled to cook fish this way, and ate an entire one for herself. She kept saying, "I love it!" Our 1-year-old didn't touch any of it. He's likely more interested in seeing them swim than fry at this stage.

I used a recipe from an old Bon Appetit and mistakenly added all of the Cajun seasoning to the vinagrette, not dividing it as the recipe indicates. Fortunately I tasted it before using the sauce and realized my mistake. Had enough ingredients left to remake the sauce and it came out nicely. I backed way off on the seasoning for the fish to make it less spicy for the kids.

Here's the menu if you're curious: Trout w/Tropical Fruit Salsa and Mixed Greens

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  1. What I think it surprising is that some kids would get freaked out by seeing fish heads in the pan. Is 3 years old too young for that? Maybe. I think if you can get them to try something new sometimes they will love it. And at other times they will just get freaked out!