Friday, June 19, 2009

Finding Efficiencies

The book above, Lian xi bu, was a gift from a friend, brought back from Japan. I think it's a school notebook for a child. I tried translating the title online, and got "lian xi bu" as an answer. So as far as I know, it means "the chickens are hungry," or maybe even "menus." Which is what I use it for.

From the conversations I've had, a lot of us like to vary the weekly menu, but sometimes you just don't have the resources to constantly reinvent the wheel. It occurs to me that if I'm going to be dedicated to the task of weekly menu planning, I should try to gain as much from it as possible from a time-saving standpoint. Hence, the menu log.

On weeks when it seems like the meals all came together well, there was nice variety, and most everything was liked, I enter the menus into this slim notebook that I keep by my recipe books. It's a good resource on weeks when I don't feel like searching for new recipes. When I'm feeling a little, you know, Lian xi bu.

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