Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 129—Simplicity Rules the Day

Mon – Extended family picnic/potluck
Tues – Turkey sausage grilled foil pack
Weds – Chicken stir-fry
Thurs – Burgers
Fri – Tortellini, salad, bread
Alts – pizza
Someone asked me how to make a "foil pack."
1. Lay out a double-layer of foil. This is where you will combine your ingredients and cook them. You can assemble these either as individual servings so you'll have 4 or 6 or however many you're making pads of aluminum foil laid out on your work surface, or one or two large ones.
2. Take a ring of turkey sausage (or whatever you like). Cut 1/4-1/2 in rounds. Add onion, a green or red or yellow pepper, and some potatoes all chopped into bite-sized pieces. (The ingredients can vary widely, this is just a suggestion and what I typically have on hand).
3. drizzle olive or canola oil lightly over the ingredients. Season with salt and pepper.
4. Wrap securely, in a flat shape so it cooks evenly on the grill/fire. Grill on high heat for approx 15 mins.

Of course, you can just fry it all up in a pan for a classic "American stir-fry" too.

Happy cooking.

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