Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Promising use for Flaxseed Meal

Don't these little bites look tasty?

Wait. I should hesitate before sending you off to some other blog that looks tended, stylish, and like they have hired photography, but what the heck. When I showed them to my daughter, she said, "They look like oatmeal meatballs!" Fair enough. But the presence of chocolate chips will get me to try anything.

Considering that for a moment. Yes, I think that's true.

My brief search for flaxseed meal recipes landed a lot of muffins, smoothie add-ins, and brownies. Hm. Thanks, Sylvia, for sending me this recipe and therefore providing a glimmer of hope that I'll use more of this stuff before finding it rancid in my fridge a year from now.

In the meantime, if anyone needs to borrow a bit of flaxseed meal, I'm willing to share.

p.s. peanut allergies? My friend says sunbutter makes a good substitute in this recipe.

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