Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 106—Cupboard Follies

Mon – Chili on baked potatoes w/feta
Tues – Some kind of pasta-something w/stuff found in cupboards/fridge (UPDATE: alfredo w/squash)
Weds – Beef stir-fry w/rice
Thurs Sloppy Joe's w/pear, gorgonzola salad kit
Fri Pizza out
Alts – omelettes
I've tried those bagged salad kits a couple times and kinda like the convenience when I'm feeling exceptionally lazy. Which made me think what a product of our time "salad in a bag" is. Which then made me think, does anyone buy a head of iceburg anymore for their typical salad? That's what I grew up on.

My grandmother had a special Tupperware container onto which you'd stab the cored iceburg head to keep it extra fresh and flavorless. It was pale green with a translucent plastic lid. We had no such kind of high-end Tupperware products like this in my house growing up, so I pondered what this meant about my grandma's kitchen.

She wasn't a gadget collector. Did it make lettuce last a long time? Did it taste better this way? I wonder where that container is now. Probably neatly stacked on a shelf in the basement of her house where just my grandfather lives now, nestled with hundreds of other pale green, yellow, pink, and orange Tupperware from decades back.

Happy cooking.

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