Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 103—Transition to Fall

Mon – Stir fry beef (I know this keeps showing up, but I haven't actually made it in 3 weeks)
Tues –  Spaghetti and meatballs (goulash if no time to make meatballs)
Weds – Best of Show Tomato Quiche
Thurs fish tacos w/spaghetti squash, chips, and guacamole
Fri – pizza
Alts – Cuban rice
The Bobby Flay fish taco recipe listed here says it takes 1hr 45min. I think it's more like 45 min. Not sure what corners I cut, but it doesn't take nearly that much time. Fish soaks in marinade while the grill heats up. Perfect. Also very forgiving recipe if you need to make substitutions. Lemon for lime, dried for fresh cilantro…all much better as written I'm sure, but it turns out well regardless.

With the "warmest October on record" thus far, we're still enjoying tomatoes as they ripen in our little garden. The quiche recipe is one I've been making since it was published 10 years ago. Takes a little planning w/a cornmeal crust to make, but love the 2nd stage where you just toss everything into the crust and bake. A last nod to the summer garden.

The Italian meatloaf from last week was a new recipe for me. I really liked it. It was like lasagna without the noodles. Made a good sandwich too because it was so moist. I used feta for half the mozzarella be/c of what I had on hand. Happy cooking.

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