Sunday, April 26, 2009

How I menu plan

Menu planning happens on the weekend. The goal is to assemble at least 5 recipes plus an easy alternative or two and write out the week's shopping list.

Shopping (1 hour) happens later that weekend, or sometimes my much-adored husband gets the groceries during his lunch hour at work on Monday. This is Minnesota after all, and it's below 50 degrees much of the year in your car trunk. He puts things in the fridge at work as needed.

Depending on how much time I am willing to spend, planning the week takes anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes. If my kids are around, I ask them what they'd like. Here's what I grab:
  • a few cookbooks/magazines
  • recipe box
  • pen and paper for the grocery list
Since I can't cook anything other than mac and cheese without directions, I need cookbooks. If you're a more inventive cook, then your process is probably much faster and less analog. Teach me your ways!

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