Monday, October 19, 2009

Inspiration Shopping

I've been in a lunch-rut with my kids, so I opened myself to "inspiration shopping" at the grocery store Sunday night. "Inspiration shopping" being: look at items on the shelf with the idea that it might offer a new lunch possibility. This probably strikes some of you as obvious, but I tend to slavishly follow the list barring major sale items, so it felt mind-expanding to me.

With the help of my preschooler, here's what we came home with in addition to our pre-planned ingredients:

- can of chicken noodle soup (soup is not usually a big hit w/my kids, but she was fascinated by it coming in this form)
- veggie dip to increase the appeal of fresh-cut veggies at lunch
- frozen burritos and ingredients for fresh-made tortillas/burritos
- deli turkey (recalling we enjoyed "oven melts" for a time w/turkey and cheese)
- raspberries (they're not just for breakfast anymore!)

We had the veggie dip today. I loved it, my preschooler preferred the veggies without it, and my 2-year-old ate ONLY the dip, using the veggies as a scoop. We covered all the bases!

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